3 Ways to Promote Your Events

Since you create your group and do not know how to gather more members and make it work. Believe us, an initiative mind creating a group is really a good start, leading to a community in the future. The next step is to go gathering members. Your members can be anyone or specific depending on your targets. Even though we think big, let’s do start small. Find out people who have interested in the same topic as yours.
You can advertise your events to create awareness to get members in a number of steps following.

1. Share information to your community

  • Word of Mouth works! Tell people around you such as friends, family, or co-workers about the group existence.
  • Share your group’s details/link to places where are community-oriented such as Organization, Shops, Cafés, Restaurants, Libraries, Co-working spaces, Educational institutions, and Community Centers etc.
  • Posters and shop windows. Posters are effective for local and community events. Do not forget to make the poster an eye-catching design with the details. Stick them to the apartment walls. Ask local shops for permission to promote your group, display your poster in their windows, or leave the brochures at their counters.

2. Use your social media channels

  • Social media is a powerful tool to get exposure, whether you are organizing a physical meeting or online events. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to share the group link on your social media page as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to increase a chance for people to reach the group. Maybe your friends or a friend of friends are interested!
  • Other sites such as group chats, or close groups in Facebook are straight channels to communicate. For example, you are a member of the Boston Business Women group in Facebook, let people know you have a group of Boston women networking.

3. Keep the group active

  • Agile response and stay connect with your members. Together with showing the prospective members that your group is real by updating information and schedule events.
  • Create the events to motivate members and let them engage by assigning responsibilities and ask for feedback. Make them feel belong to the group.
  • Ask active members to spread the news and information, and encourage them to spread the word through their friends.

Promote your group can easily be done by 3 methods; communicating with your community, using social media tools, and staying active, which all are in the sense of community building.

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