Florida cleanup DR4337 opportunity

FEMA contract information

Here is the FEMA contract information for Trucking groups that want to haul debris in Miami which is mostly vegetation which as you know is much easier to load.
The contract rate for Miami County is $8.75 per CY which is considerably higher than what Houston was paying and we were able to clean up that area quickly until we had all the crews we needed and the crews that are there are averaging $2000-$2500 a day at the Houston $6.75 rate. The amount is much higher for Miami at $8.75 and they have an estimated 12 Million tons to remove which is estimated to take at least 6-9 months to get one pass on each affected area.
Each trucking group will provide loading for their own trucks and now it’s vegetation which is even easier than construction debris like carpets and drywall to load a full load quickly as those of you know that have hauled hurricane debris in other Disaster Relief Efforts around the Country.

If you have a trucking group that would like to assist in the FEMA clean up and agrees to the above terms then please send me an email with their info so I can register them with Miami-Dade County.

This is the information I need to register them:

  • Subcontractor name –
  • C/O Contact person –
  • Address –
  • Mobile –
  • Email –
  • Number and Type of trucks
  • When they are scheduled to arrive in Miami for check in and to receive their placards and trackers.

Then email to: ttot1812@gmail.com

To learn more please join our group at Appinall

Please be ready to provide proof of insurance and license at the check-in point. The address will be provided the day before they arrive so they can be in the area where they will receive the most loads for that month.
Many of us are donating our time and energy to ensure a quick recovery for our Houston and Florida friends and family. Thank you for your help spreading the word with this FEMA Disaster Relief Effort!


Anybody like to help in disaster recovery and earn your way while helping others, this is the place. Please let us know what you can do and what resources that you have such as Dump trucks, a pickup truck with dump trailers, loading types of equipment such as bobcat with grapple, RV, anything that may help in process of clean up storm and rebuild etc… Let’s hear from you what do you have…