Harvey Hurricane Debris Removal Opportunity

FEMA Harricane Harvey disaster relief operations

For those of you are interested in helping out with the FEMA disaster relief operations that know trucking groups that want to participate in hauling flood debris, the hauling rate for the disaster relief operations in Houston $6.75 per Cubic Yard, (~8 million cubic yards). If you have any interested groups then please send me their company info below and once they are registered with the State, I will send you the contract, response to this text or email to: ttot1812@gmail.com.
Here is the information template to send back to me so we can register each company that wants to help with the FEMA Disaster Relief Operations in Houston and Florida.

“Dear _____,
We are looking forward to getting you registered so you can come work in Texas and Florida for the FEMA Disaster Relief Operations.
Please provide the name of the company that’s coming down to haul debris along with their best email, phone number and number of trucks they are bringing down to work and their estimated time of arrival in Houston.
Once we have that information, we will get you registered so you can come down to get started.
Thanks, we look forward to working with you.
Please send the info in the following format.

Synopsis of the job process and procedure:

Debris removal for Harvey is scattered across Houston.

Debris removal for Harvey is scattered across Houston. We will have dispatch and coordinator to assign to the hauler team once, they are registered and signed contract.

Contractors must have hauling types of equipment such as

  • Dump truck and trailers preferred hi volume capability from (30 to 100 CY per load);
  • Loader such as Skidteer with cherry-pick loader.

The operation is from dawn to dusk (Sunlight operation) 7 days a week. Each runs about 10 miles one way. Volume estimate of debris is in 6 Million Cubic Yards. A company interested in can contact me directly and company have to have equipment insured and operator ready both loader and hauler. Also, the trucking company may have to make their estimate what they need to get pay by day base on 10 to 12 runs per day or any option that they like to be paid, just have number ready for discussion.

8,000,000 CY X $6 = $48,000,000 Base on 30 CY per truckload (1 day of work ~12 loads/truck worth $2430). It would take 60 years to complete. How many trucks do you have? How much can you help and earn?