Mission: Houston debris removal

Harricane Harvey caused extensive damage in Texas.

AMK Energy Services Corp is there to step up and help communities rebuild.

Here are the details on the FEMA Disaster Relief Operations currently being conducted by AMK

Mission: Houston debris removal

Total vehicle requirement for Houston FEMA Contract: 2,500
Vehicle capacity: 30/40 cu yd. haulage capacity per load with driver

Hours of operation:

Daylight – no team driver situation.

Primary work set up:

FEMA has set up temporary dump sites in a 10 mile matrix. Each contractor will be assigned a given street or area that is within 10 miles of a dump site.
Only one contractor per given block so the ground crew is only feeding your vehicles with debris as they rotate back.

Removal logic:

First is all home contents and appliance type debris, next is clearing of the construction rubble and lastly the downed trees etc.

Secondary work set up:

Once all target sites are cleared – all the 10 mile temp sites will need to be further cleared to final destinations for recycling, or permanent dump site.

Ground Equipment:

To be provided and operated by prime FEMA contractor at cost or contractor can provide their own.

Ultimate Payer:


Prime contractor seeking subs:


Payment structure:

Flat fee of $6 per cubic yard hauled.

Additional fee:

$0.05 per cubic yard for an oversight function.

Payment interval:

First week is withheld and then all settlements are weekly thereafter.


If you would like to help in disaster recovery and earn your way while helping others, this is the right place.