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Every source of disaster recovery assistance imaginable is conveniently in the palm of your hand.

Especially developed for Harvey Disaster Victims.

Why Choose Us


Utilizes the best technology available to avoid the tragedy experience.

Quick Response

Our 140 disaster recovery service providers respond immediately to the needs of every victim registered in the system.

Full-Service Package

we serve each and every service from A to Z until every victim is no longer a victim.

We have the capacity to offer you the essential 3R’s i.e.

  • Rebuild
  • Relocate
  • Restore every home and family displaced by Harvey.


The Disaster Recovery Alliance is here to provide every service you require at no out of pocket costs to registered victims of Hurricane Harvey such as

  • From Lawn Care to Financial Service.
  • New Home Designs to Prevent Re-Flooding.
  • Topographic Analysts to Thoughtfully Locate and Rebuild.

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Alliance Partners

Our priority is to provide the best services available to the people of Houston Texas until every victim is recognized for what they really are, a VIP. If you share our goal of treating these citizens with the same respect you may qualify to become an Alliance Partner.
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