Event Manager

Versatile Settings

Plan and organize events from family parties to corporate celebrations. You can customize your events to be private or public and searchable by all users. Allow users to send invites or limit who can invite. Assign a fee for the event or set it to free. event manager Appinall event management software

Repetetive Events

Billards every Friday night, Happy Hour on Wednesdays, or weekly team meetings? Set your event to reoccuring and no one will be able to forget. Choose how frequent you want the event to occur and Appinall will remind you when the event is reposted.

Free and Paid Events

Find events in your local area, from concerts with your favorite bands, to a business development seminar. Appinall gives you the ability to search multiple engines, all in one convient location, saving you time to attend more events. You can also create your own event and set a fee up, earning you income.


It can be difficult to keep track of upcoming meetings, conferences, appointments, family dinners, and sporting events, but Appinall makes it easy. Receive notifications about your upcoming events, time, and place.


Throwing a party? Planning a meeting with an important client? Create a private event and customize who you send invites to. Don’t worry if your invitees don’t have an Appinall account, as they will be sent an email with an invitation to join.