Appinall Basics

Appinall serves as a cloud-based cross-platform communication application for small businesses and startup companies. Appinall is a combination of group and private chat, event and group managing tool, built-in electronic payment system, and other functionalities to best support the needs of small businesses and startup companies.
Download Appinall for iOS through Apple’s Appstore and Android through Google Play. Appinall is also available through popular desktop browsers, including Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You can access the browser version without downloading anything to your computer.
Appinall is supported by iOS; iPhones, tablets, Android phones, and most popular browsers; Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.
Appinall provides you all your basic business communication needs into one, easy to use app.
Companies pay one monthly fee of $26.

Getting Started

To sign up for a new account click here and fill out your information or registering with your Facebook of Google+ account. You can also create an account by downloading Appinall through Apple’s Appstore or through Android’s Google Play and signing up.
You can easily and quickly create an Appinall account by registering with your Facebook or Google+ account.
Sign in your account by entering your email and password and selecting the ‘Sign in’ button. If you registered using your Facebook of Google+ account, you should sign in through these.
Change your password by selecting the ‘Settings’ menu tab, under the ‘Security’ section, select ‘Change Password’. Enter your current password and enter your new password twice, then select ‘ok’.
One of the advantages of Appinall is the ability to create multiple profiles under one account to separate the different areas of your life.
To create a group, go to My list and select ‘Create group’, fill out the necessary information and select ‘Done’.
To create an event, go to My list and select ‘Create event’, fill out the necessary information and select ‘Done’.
Channels are advanced blogs that broadcast news and other useful information in the form of posts.
To start chatting, search the user by their name and add to them to your Appinall contacts. Then select the ‘Messenger’ menu tab, click on ‘Create a chat’ and select the desired contact.
Create a group chat by adding users to your Appinall contacts. Select the ‘Messenger’ menu tab, click on ‘Create a chat’ and select the desired users.
Appinall allows you to invite your friends and family to join your group. Select the ‘Invite’ tab under your group. This will prompt you to either send an invite e-mail or invite from your Appinall contacts. Choose the desired option, enter the necessary information and add a personal message describing your group.
Your feed displays the most recent posts from any groups, events, and channels that you are a member or organizer of.
You can create a payment profile by selecting the ‘Payment’ menu tab. Selecting ‘Add a credit card’, fill out the needed information then select ‘Done’ to save the card to your account.

Appinall Settings

Manage your subscription plan by selecting the ‘Settings’ menu tab. The first row is the ‘Subscription’ section, click on ‘Your Plan’. This will prompt you to change your subscription plan by adding a credit card for your monthly payments.
To change the settings for Distance from ‘Miles’ to ‘Km’, just select the ‘Settings’ menu tab and click the ‘Distance’ button. Select your desired measurement and it will automatically be saved. This can be changed back at any time.
Whether you choose to turn off Appinall’s notifications temporary or permanently, you can do so by viewing your phone’s settings and selecting your application manager. This will prompt you to all your applications, find ‘Appinall’ and disable notifications. You can turn notifications back on by taking the same steps to enable notifications.
To edit your profile, select the ‘white pen’ icon in the top right hand corner of your left menu bar, where your profile photo is located. Make any changes and select ‘done’ to save.

Managing Groups

In order to increase your groups and events limits you must set up your payment to pay the subscription fee of $26 a month. Click here to view out pricing plans.
Appinall’s mobile app: Select ‘Invite’ button and choose from the menu; ‘Standard Invite’, Phone Email Contacts, or from Appinall Contacts. ‘Standard Invite’ will prompt you to choose your email messaging service and will allow you to email one person at a time. ‘Phone Email Contacts’ will give you access to any emails you have saved under your contacts and allow you send it to multiple emails at once. ‘From Appinall Contacts’ allow you to add multiple members at once from your contact list. Browser version: To invite new participants to join a group or an event, select the ‘Invite’ button. On the browser version, you have the option to send an ‘Email Invite’ or ‘From Appinall Contacts’. Send the invite to multiple people at once by using “Invite many people at once” and separating emails with commas.
To remove a group participant, select the blue icon of three people under ‘Actions’. Choose the member you want to remove by holding and pulling their block to the left. Select the trashcan to remove member and select ‘Ok’ to confirm.
Choose the group or event you would like to leave. Select the ‘More’ tab at the bottom of the page and choose ‘Leave Group’. Confirm leaving by selecting ‘Ok’.
If the group is public, you can create a post by scrolling down to the ‘Posts’ section and selecting the icon of the notepad and pen. If a group is private, only the organizer will be able to create posts.
To view files sent through group chat, select the ‘Files in chat’ tab in the right-hand sidebar. This is where you can view files of all formats sent through chat.
To set the organizer of a group, view the blue icon of three people under ‘Actions’. Choose the member you want to appoint as organizer by holding and pulling their block to the left. Select the blue stick figure and select ‘Organizer’ from the bottom menu, select ‘Ok’ to confirm.
The multi-group is a basic group that includes multiple subgroups, allowing organizations to create groups based off management hierarchy, branches, departments, and employees. Set multigroups to ‘Tree View’ to easily view all groups and communicate with specific groups or all at once.

Managing Messages

All messages are instantly synchronized between all devices therefore communication from different devices won’t cause inconveniences.
You can delete and edit any message you’ve sent by placing your mouse on the ‘sent’ message and holding down the right button, or by pressing your finger. A menu will appear shortly with the option to either delete or edit your message.
Yes, you can send an images on any format. You can also send video files, as long as you’ve downloaded them and saved them appropriately, you can also share links to online videos.
Yes, you can files of all formats through messenger.

Managing Events

To view who the organizer(s) are of an event, simply view the icons under the ‘Actions’ section, select the second icon in from the left.
To set an entrance fee for your event, you need to set up your personal payment profile via the ‘Payment’ tab. When creating the event, select the ‘Entrance fee’ drop down and choose ‘One-time payment’. Set the fee amount, currency, read the conditions of use of payment service provider and agree to finalize event fee.
You can view the location of an event by clicking ‘Show Map’ which is below the address of the event. You can also view the route and directions from your current location to an event.

Managing Payments

You can transfer money to other Appinall users by first adding a card to your payment profile. Select the contact you would like to send money to by clicking on their profile avatar, this will bring you to their profile, select ‘Money Transfer’ and fill out the appropriate information.
To receive funds, you must first create a payment profile by adding your card information and add a card or bank account where you would like the money to received to.


Any issues with the application should be directly sent to support@appinall.com. We will try to solve any problems you encounter and appreciate any feedback we receive. This allows us to better improve the application to serve you best.


You can find Appinall’s ‘Terms of Use’ by clicking here.
You can read Appinall’s ‘Privacy Policy’ by clicking here.