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Group Chat 

 Communicate with friends, discuss business, and share important information in any format. Plus,

it’s free! 

Use the “Don’t Disturb” feature to stop notifications from a chat.

Group chats allow for an unlimited amount of members, allowing you to communicate with all your friends at once. Strategize, create, and solve tasks.

Invite new members to team group chat and show them the previous conversation or hide it.

group chat
create group from chat

Creating group from chat


If you are constantly having to scroll back through group conversations for important information, the solution is simple. Create a group from the chat, publish important posts and important information won’t be lost amoung thousands of messages.

Groups are quick and easy to set up, add a description and an image.

Exchange files without any restrictions


Do you want to send a photo from your recent vacation or share a funny gif? Does your boss need you to send him the quarterly report? Appinall makes it easy to exchange files of all formats without affecting the quality or deleting content in the chat.

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