The Importance Of Asking Questions At Work

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Asking questions in the business world has become a taboo. It can be intimidating for employees to demand accurate answers because it can make others feel awkward. You should question critical information that is being distributed. The information obtained by asking “why” can help businesses make vital decisions pertaining to revenue, brand reputation, and employees.

We naturally fill in the blanks when the necessary information needed isn’t clear.

“I don’t know why he didn’t call me back… maybe he’s mad about that comment I made in yesterday’s meeting.”

Whether he is mad or just busy without the necessary information we make assumptions. By completing a story based off our own speculation, we make incorrect judgements. It is better to ask questions than to base decisions off instinct. Sometimes we must guess the context of a situation, but this is not recommended.

Don’t assume anything

It is foolish to assume we know the answer to something without all the information. By reasonably filling in the blanks, we might understand more of the context, but we might still be wrong. If our assumptions don’t align with the rest of our company tension may develop between employees.

Spreading a story that may or may not be correct can lead to your coworkers having different versions of the same story. This creates drama and confusion. Trying to break the story down can damage feelings of trust and credibility between team members. This is difficult when a story contains sensitive topics such as unhappy clients, bonuses, and promotions.

Appinall is here to help

However, there is a solution to workplace communication breakdown. Using a mobile app such as Appinall can improve employee relations. The app has group and personal messaging built in allowing for easy contact. The messenger is also encrypted preventing security breaches when sharing confidential information.

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