Level Up Your Customer Relations Building By Event Marketing

A strong relationship with customers is the key to any businesses. It retains customers, thrives on loyalty, creates brand advocates and drives a sense of community. To build it up, it is not just to communicate with prospects and customers to complete a sale and close a case since it does not work for modern customers lately.

Forty-six percent of sales leaders say deeper customer relationships are a key objective for sustaining success.” – Salesforce –

Buyers empowered the world nowadays, business needs to seize every chance to build relationships, generate goodwill, and earn the trust of customers.

Events are one of the traditional and powerful ways to reach the target audience, promote the business and did connect with the local market.

It is also a way to satisfy the audience’s desire and offer a unique experience directly to prospective customers. Together with technological advances eases difficulties; less your cost and time in arranging events. From the survey, the marketers more than 86 percent believe that technology has a major positive impact on the success of their events.

Due to many helpful tools, they can help you like they are an event manager such as online event planning software or application.

Ways to effective customer events for building a relationship

Hosting events to connect with current customers in-person and broaden brand community can be proposed in several ways beyond just booth events for products selling.

Here are some principles to guide you in how to design and the interesting events for building relationships.

event manage

Educate current clients

Generally, people participate in events for networking and being educated. Therefore, it is a good chance to set yourself as an expert the customers can rely on because they will trust you and it is more than an event for the sales pitch. For one thing, business should impart knowledge that the target audience value, it is one way to differentiate yourself.

After customers learn, experience and get valuable knowledge, the event becomes useful and more relevant to their lives. They will trust and it is a good sign for allowing you to be a part of their decision makings. When customers need help, you will be a resource for them.

current clients

Loyalty program

Drive customer loyalty by hosting some special activities for the VIP group to privilege them as rewards, leading to build a deeper and stronger bond. Make it special and let them engage fully. This will build your long-term relationship and sustain your business. The 2016 Bond Loyalty Report said the royalty program increase customer satisfaction up by 2.7 times higher.

The events can be either formal or casual set up such as sports group, eating out, or VIP networking. Be sure that business encourages them fully and focus on customers’ interaction. It is the great method to know your customers closely, takes the benefit from that to broaden customer based on referral and word of mouth.

loyalty program

Activities Oriented

Most people join events or group activities based on their interests. Hosting group activities is a good idea either build the relationship and community, it forms the unity and tightens bond among the group which is the way of driving the community. When we talk about interests, there are tons of ideas for activities come up stars with fun things to do and leverage them for group activities. They group people themselves since members will comfort to group up and running things they are in for last long.

For the sake of customer relationship building, good customer events create stronger bonds same like a community building tool. It leads to lasting and profitable relationships.

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