How to create effective communication between parents and elementary staff

Everyone who has children in day care, sports programs or pre-school is faced with the question:

Teachers hold meetings for interactive conversations and to share information. These are important, but they require time and people to be present. Teachers can write notes, but this is also time consuming and parents can lose it and forget about what it said. A lot of schools and organizations have web-portals, but parents do not use them frequently.

Smart teachers create chats in instant messengers or social media, and solve these problems. However these apps can be annoying and quickly drain your battery. Many feel the desire to turn off the notifications or leave the chat. This hurts group communication. 

However, it’s not as hopeless as it seems.

Child care App

Appinall solves this problem with effective communication in one click. Do you want to know how?

Easy to use regardless of tech knowledge.

For example we will imagine a hypothetical kindergarten, that has 3 major groups, consisting of two teachers and 20 children. There is also the music and drama teacher, Principle, Vice Principle, and the Superintendent.

  • If everyone in the school uses different apps to chat there will be a communication break down, but not in Appinall.
  • In Appinall, you can not just create a group, but to divide the participants in “the rooms”, according to subgroups.
  • In our case this will be a group of the kindergarten, and in it a subgroup for “Staff”, “Music”, “Class 1, Class 2, Class 3”, “Theatre”, etc.
  • If your child attends music lessons, you come into the appropriate subgroup, and get messages from a music teacher.
  • If your child needs to be treated, the health workers can write you about it personally.
  • If you are planning a Parents Day, the Superintendent can post it on the  General chat where everyone can see it.

Appinall will make organized communication in educational institutions a simple task.

 Sign up for Appinall,  create a group for your kindergarten class and offer to do it for other tutors and teachers.

Appinall is available on all platforms, regardless of the smartphone and works on almost all Web-Browsers.

You will always get important information without unnecessary messages that are not related to you and your child!

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