Should Parents Worry About App Use by Kids?

Are The Youth In Danger From Apps?

Should Parents Be Worried About Apps?

With mobile technology becoming a larger part of everyday life parents are worried about apps and their effect on children. Many parents feel that kids are spending too much time on their phones and that apps are a negative distraction However, studies show that parents shouldn’t worry about their children using apps.

Are We Too Dependent on Apps?

In Jenna Wortham’s New York Times article, Are we too dependent on Apps? the writer shared her opinion on a recent study by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis. Mr. Gardner and Ms. Davis set time aside to study different age groups and their connection with apps.

The researchers stated “A world permeated by apps can in many ways be a wondrous one, and yet, we must ask whether all of life is – or should be – simply a collection of apps or one great, overarching super-app.” Jenna went on to discuss how the two researchers threw around the word “app” as if each application fell into one category, which brought up a good point, should apps be judged separately or as one collective category?

Apps Have Many Uses

Older generations view apps all in one category. This is because many older people did not grow up with mobile technology and see it as something negative. If you are familiar with apps, you know different apps can have different uses. Apps range from social media, games, utilities to Lifestyle.

These apps can be used to help you complete everyday tasks and make life easier. For adults and teens apps can be used to message group members for a project. They can also be used to conduct research, or shop for products. Other apps can be used to give you directions or connect you to groups that share your interests. Apps for children can help them learn basic skills such as reading, writing, science, and history.

The Research

Jenna continues with her review of the research, saying “The authors fret that it is far too easy for younger people to become controlled and limited by their experience of each other and the world through applications, a point I try to counter in my recent review of the book.” I concur with Jenna, to say application can negatively affect a child is inaccurate. Parents have the power to choose which apps children are allowed to have on their phones. Many service providers offer the option of pausing a child’s phone to reduce their screen time during school or other activities.


If you are worried about your children using apps I think you should check out Jenna Wortham’s article. She has a great argument and shared a link to the research conducted by Mr. Gardner and Ms. Davis. This article is important to read if you are afraid of the effect apps are having on children.

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