The Top 10 Benefits of Mobile Applications for Your Non-Profit Event

There is no getting around it. Running a non-profit is challenging. In an era of dwindling budgets and increasing competition for time, money, resources, and recognition, getting your organization off the ground and ensuring its sustainability is no easy task. This is especially true when you’re organizing an event for your non-profit, whether to promote public awareness, raise funds, or win others to your cause. It can seem as though you are being pulled in a million different directions as you strive to make your event a success. Amid all the planning, the fundraising, the scheduling, the hiring, and the team management, you need the best tools at your disposal. This is where a good mobile application can be the non-profit organizer’s best friend.

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  • Mobile Applications Improve Team Communication

When you are running a non-profit, you’re inevitably leading a diverse team, with each team member charged with her own tasks and operating according to her own schedule. This means that your team may rarely be all together at the same time. A good mobile app can support clear communication between the entire team, enabling the team to communicate, share information, and collaborate with real team—no matter where they may be.

  • Sharing Resources

In the age of the cloud storage, we are no longer limited to voice when we need to communicate with our group. We can now create, share, and modify files in real time, as a team, no matter where the team members may be. Mobile apps tap the functionality of the cloud to enable you to store and share data securely. This capability dramatically improves productivity because work can be done anytime, anywhere.

  • Getting the Word Out

We live in a connected world. No matter where you go, it is nearly impossible to escape the sight of a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Few of us can pass even an hour of the waking day without checking our phones or tablet. As a non-profit organizer, you can use this reality to your advantage. A good mobile app can not only enhance the productivity of your team, but it can also boost your organization’s profile, spreading awareness about who you are and what you do. In an era of decreasing public funding for non-profits, cost-efficient advertising via a strong, strategic online presence is key.

  • Building Community

A good mobile app will not only promote public awareness about your organization, but it will also help build a sense of community and make an app for a conference. Discussion forums, live events, and message boards can be hosted on the mobile app to help build relationships between the organization and the community. This not only will support engagement with your non-profit, but it can also drive revenues and encourage word-of-mouth and viral online advertising.

  • Promoting Public Interest

It’s virtually impossible for any non-profit event to be successful without building the public interest. Mobile apps are designed to do precisely that. Through the online community, you create and through strategic advertising, you can galvanize awareness about your event. And, when it comes to mobile apps, this advertising does not have to be traditional promos of print, radio, or television media. It can be in the form of online contests, intriguing posts, exciting photos shared on your non-profits site or sent as a blast to your subscribers. When you have a highly functional mobile app, the only limit is your imagination!

  • Connecting with Others

Increasingly, mobile apps are used to identify those nearby who share your similar interests. When it comes to managing a non-profit and organizing an event, this capability can be an invaluable resource. Through these location-based, interest-sharing functions, you can connect with individuals and groups who share your passion and whose talents may be just the thing needed to support your event’s success.

  • Finding the Right Partners

Organizing a non-profit event means that you have to wear many hats, from philanthropist to CFO to creative consultant. An effective mobile app can support you in your many roles by helping you to find not only new members of your non-profit but also willing partners, from business leaders to service providers to government officials. Mobile messaging technologies allow you to communicate with individuals you may otherwise never have had access to. Such outreach can connect you with the funds, the goods, and the services to reduce your event costs without compromising your vision.

  • Managing the Logistics

Because your role as a non-profit event organizer is so varied, keeping track of your many responsibilities can be an extreme challenge. A good mobile app can help you navigate that tough terrain with expert skill. These applications can help you keep track of your schedule, maintain contact lists, source goods, and service providers, and ensure constant connectivity with your team, your partners, and stakeholders. In short, an efficient app makes you an efficient and effective leader.

  • Tracking the Numbers

Whether you are running an organization for profit or not, operations are all still a numbers game, and to ensure that your event is a success without taking from your non-profit’s coffers, it’s vital to keep sound financial records at all times. Mobile apps can facilitate this by tracking expenditures, revenues, and sales. They can produce easy-to-read spreadsheets, charts, graphs—or most any other form of data—to help you track your finances and maintain your financial targets as you bring your vision for your event to fruition.

  • Building Your Leadership Cred

Let’s face it: a good leader is accessible, hard-working, and highly engaged. But not all team members will have the luxury of watching you lead in person. This is where a mobile app can be a decided advantage, connecting you to your partners and employees at all times, enabling them to track the progress of the project at hand and to reach you whenever and wherever you are needed. And when your team sees firsthand your dedication to the work, when they feel a clear connection with you as an approachable and engaged leader, they too will be driven to excel. Mobile apps allow you to provide real-time status updates, motivational messages, and strategic outreach to your team, both individually as a group.

  • Putting on a Friendly Face

In the age of handheld mobile devices, an increasing number of those connected to the internet do so only via a smartphone or tablet. If your non-profit does not have an online presence that can be easily accessed not just via the traditional route (the home PC) but through a mobile device, then you are likely missing out on a large segment of the population you want to reach — employees, partners, supporters, potential members. But by creating an online presence that is as readily accessible by phone as my laptop, you cultivate a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible presence for your non-profit, ensuring that your organization is perfectly positioned to thrive, and to build a robust community, in our increasingly digitized world.

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