Top Reasons to Use Complete Event Management Solutions to Host a Party

From a small meet up to a big gala night, event management solutions are a must have for any party planner. It is how you will get it right with every aspect of the party from start to finish. It is how you create a remarkable party that will create lasting impressions for your guests. The nuts and bolts of these clear-cut tools include venue selection, budgeting, choosing entertainers, security and venue d├ęcor among others.
Below are some of the top reasons to use event management solutions to host a party.

1. Stress-Free Event Planning
Appinall Solution streamlines all operations during planning and management of your party. Organizing a big event can be a significant challenge. There are always last minute changes and mishaps. There can also be communication breakdowns that will stall things. Luckily, technology can help you stay organized. You will find it easier to assign tasks to each collaborator. Communication is done efficiently on the same platform. To top it off you can easily monitor performance and progress on the dashboard. That will help you focus on the areas of need to create a successful party.

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2. Automated Ticketing
It can take a tremendous amount of time to create registration forms online. Manual ticketing is tedious and prone to errors. With event management solutions, ticketing is fast and error free. You can update your contact list anytime and send personalized emails and reminders to the attendees. With the Appinall Solution, people can even register and book tickets from their phones.
If you have other parties coming up, you can use the current event to start selling tickets for your next one. The system will enable prospective attendees to order their tickets straight from their mobile phones. You can sell them on it by offering them exclusive discounts as appreciation for attending the current party.

3. Party Promotion
For corporate parties, event organizers can expect to have an easy time with party promotion. This is especially helpful for fundraising or product marketing parties. A complete event management system like the Appinall solution can enable you to market to the right people. There are many functionalities like custom emails, landing pages, and social media sharing available on the network.


The landing page tool can help you create a lasting impression on prospective attendees. You can create a captivating page that motivates them to purchase tickets. Since every party has unique guests, it’s wise to have a system that can let you customize email messages and social media promotions that align with the party theme.

4. Sustain Interest in the Party
The problem most event planners have is no-shows. Registrants who have even purchased the ticket may later show disinterest in your party. If that has been the case with your event before, it is time to change that. You can use complete event management solutions not only to stimulate but also sustain interest in the party until the big day.
Appinall Solution includes a CRM tool that makes it easy to engage with registrants on a personal level. Similarly, registrants can start conversations online and message one another exchanging experiences. Up until the D-day, these kind of interactions are essential to make them enthusiastic about the party.
Apart from communication, complete events management solutions can be used in live voting in case there is a competition or game during the party. Attendees can also use the system to interact with speakers.

5. Measure Performance
It’s easy to gauge how successful an event has been with an event management software. Appinall Solution has many criteria for measuring performance including customer satisfaction, cost saving, leads generated. You can get the attendee feedback gotten via the social media or surveys feature. This feedback will let you know the level of customer satisfaction the party had.

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For your next party, you can learn valuable lessons from records made such as ticket sales, number of attendees, expense, and profits. In the future events, you are likely to improve when it comes to cost-cutting maximizing customer satisfaction.

6. Budget Control
A complete event management software incorporates tools for building a budget and auditing expenses. Forget the instances where you manually recorded payments and generated ledgers with many discrepancies. The system is accurate and can help you create transparent books for future use. If there were sales made at the party, it’s easy to track those and create relevant marketing campaigns backed by those figures.

Event management apps can help you maximize your budget. For starters, you will not need to employ many assistants. It’s even possible to organize a DIY party armed with just the Appinall Solution. You will have access to an extensive database of suppliers and venues so you can pick the most competitive options. Appinall Solution will help you network with caterers, entertainers and everyone in the industry whose service you might need at the party.

7. Real-Time Reports for the Current and Future Events
Just like with other technologies, complete event management solutions are real-time and instantaneous. You can access everything on a single platform for the seamless planning of the party. These include confirmed attendees, each guest’s preferences, contacts, and feedback. This information is essential in creating impactful campaigns for the current and future events.
Complete event management solutions will help you establish a formula for success with similar events. No information gets lost in the system. In the case of another party, you can just go back and retrace your steps from planning to promotion and execution.

8. Saves Time
In the run-up to a party, there is usually a lot of pressure to perform to produce a memorable event. There are so many things to be fine-tuned, and you might end up missing critical elements. An event management solution is essential in mapping out everything that you need. You can set up tasks and automate your workflows. It’s easy to see what responsibilities you have assigned to collaborators and administrators, and which ones need attention.

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You don’t need to be a veteran events manager to get that party right. Appinall Solution is a magic bullet to successful parties, thanks to automation, feedback, and networking. For beginners in the industry, a complete event management solution is a no-brainer. It is the foundation stone that you need to build an outstanding portfolio.

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